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Full Thought Publishing : Stonephace publishers.
Stonephace MySpace : The nearest we like to get to Rupert Murdoch.
The Etch Shop : Best place to buy our stuff online.
Tru Thoughts : Our Brighton based record label.
Stonephace Related
Fela Kuti : Our favourite Nigerian!
Michael Manning : A favourite artist of ours, check him out.
Pharoah Sanders : You can't go wrong with...
Sun Ra : The original space cadet, our hero.
Recommended Listening
ANS Synthesizer : 1930s Soviet image to sound synth.
BBC Radiophonic Workshop : The workshop from an engineering perspective.
FalMusic : Local music resource.
Ruth Garrett Millikan : You've heard the album, now buy the book!
Get The Blessing : Jim Barr's band.
Helm : Our multi-talented compadre.
Portishead : Adrian's band.
Spatial AKA Orchestra : Jerry Dammers Megaband which features all of Stonephace Stabbins
Toxic Sound System : Longest running dub sound in Kernow.
Zoe Rahman : Zoe's website

Tru Thoughts