We're playing Gateshead International Jazz Festival on 5th April with some other to-be-confirmed southern dates in the preceeding week- more gigs will be announced DRECKLY-( as we say down in Cornwall)..... 

Good start to the new year-Transcendental is one of the twelve best releases of 2012 on AllAboutJazz-from Bruce Lindsay -"Maybe the finest list of UK-based musicians to grace any album in 2012. The resulting music moves like a very groovy thing"

 Zoe Rahman won a well deserved MOBO award for Best Jazz Act, the reviews for "Transcendental" the new album have been fantastic and we've done several excellent gigs to very appreciative audiences ending up at the London Jazz Festival.

All Good

Watch this space for a major website overhaul coming soon.................

More great reviews for "Transcendental" from John Fordham in The Guardian

Plus a feature on Zoe and I in "Jocks and Nerds"..... Very Cool.....

Last chance to vote  for Zoe Rahman in the MOBO Jazz Awards today !!!!

Great gig at the Vortex on Wednesday.. Thanks to every one who came for making it a great evening!
And a nice review from Jack Massarik in the Evening Standard--its my "hottest band since Working Week" !

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