Our first video for our debut album, made by Stella Marina - SpacEd Films.

Asides getting this site together, we've recently completed an exclusive track for a Tru Thoughts 10th Birthday compilation, and we're very pleased with it. Titled Singularity, it's full of swamp guitars, rasping flutes and our sonic TARDIS rhythm section has landed somewhere closer to modern day.

The release date has been put back to May 5th (demand exceeded supply). That said, we've had quite a few indicators that people have received vinyl from the labels web store : That's all gone now (possibly more on release day), so vinyl junkies will have to scout around stores to find a copy.

The second video from Stonephace with Stella Marina at the controls, and this one is even more out there.  A third sneak preview will be around in the coming weeks.

There was  a special feature on Larry Stabbins on BBC Jazz on 3  in June with interviews with Keith and Julie Tippett, Bosco D'Oliviera and Ben `Nostalgia 77` Lamdin and lots of music -but its gone now so you missed it. However there are some old Working Week videos appearing on Youtube

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